Management team

Endoceutics management team

With diverse and accomplished backgrounds, our Endoceutics management team shares an entrepreneurial outlook and passion for advancing research in women's health and cancer prevention and treatment.

Fernand Labrie, MD, PhD, O.C, O.Q


Dennis Turpin, CPA, CA

VP, Finances

Richard LaRue

VP, Legal affairs

Jaâfar Zerhouni, M. Sc, M. Eng, M.Mgt

VP, Quality Assurance and Product Development

Céline Martel, PhD

VP, Data Analysis and Regulatory Affairs

Yuyong Ke, PhD

VP, Analytical Technology

Lyne Lavoie

Director, Data management and documents management

Jean-Sébastien Thibeault, Eng.

Director, Manufacturing Operations

Renaud Gonthier

Head, Bioanalytical Chemistry Unit