About our facilities and practices

Endoceutics is committed to efficient world-class pharmaceutical manufacturing.

For the manufacturing of Intrarosa 6.5mg vaginal inserts, Endoceutics has recently invested in a substantial expansion of it’s production and laboratory foot-print in it’s Facility located in Mont-St-Hilaire, Québec, Canada (MSH).

This Facility is designed and built to exceed the most up-to-date cGMP compliance requirements for the world-wide delivery of vaginal inserts. State-of-the-art manufacturing and packaging equipment offers a full redundancy, are fully enclosed and automated and are integrated up to the case packing level inclusively and can ensure a nominal production rate of up-to 60,000 vaginal inserts per hour, making this Facility a reference in the world of vaginal dosage form production.

MSH Manufacturing Facility team of experienced professionals are dedicated to ensuring the manufacturing of high quality products for the world market while promoting Endoceutics mission in Women’s Health and Hormone-sensitive cancer treatment.